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New Pinch Pot Pottery Photos

Below will be images of a recent pottery show of my pinch pots. Each pot began as a solid ball of clay, I then sunk my thumb down int the ball and them pinched the clay between my thrum and fingers to create the walls and the shape. I have been making pinch pots for […]

Photos of a Couple of New Pinch Pot Platters

This is Just a quickie post to show off two new pinchpot platters I’ve made and the wonderful glazing that came out of the gas kiln – Ohatikaki under and Amy’s Yellow just on the rim that ran down. There was only about an inch of the yellow – it worked really well – a […]

Paulus Berensohn’s New Movie – Spring from the Hand

Just a quick post to say that a new movie about pinch potter Paulus Berensohn has come out in 2014. I hope to have the opportunity to see the full piece, as the clips I have seen are wonderful. Here is a link to the website for the film: I don’t have much info to […]

Books on Pinch Pots and Clay

Here are some of my favorite books on pinch pots and clay. I have met Paulus, he is friends with my pottery teacher and co- teacher for 24 years, Amy Hart. I have also taken a Pinch Pot workshop with him and another on journal writing. Anchored deep in creativity, and both grounded and ethereal, Paulus […]

Why I Started this Site on Pinch Pots

Hi, I’m Cathy Larkin the potter, photographer and blogger / founder of this site on Pinch Pots. I’ve decided to gather and link as much information as I can on the subject. I’m teaching a pinch pot class at the Community Arts Center in suburban Philadelphia, PA, and while researching ideas for my class, I […]