New Pinch Pot Pottery Photos

Below will be images of a recent pottery show of my pinch pots. Each pot began as a solid ball of clay, I then sunk my thumb down int the ball and them pinched the clay between my thrum and fingers to create the walls and the shape. I have been making pinch pots for many years. sometime last year, I had a light bulb moment. When you first learn to make a pinchpot there is much emphasis on starting with a round ball of clay – it helps you have early success. I have been making pinchpots since I was 8 years old. So I began starting with an irregular piece of clay rather than a round ball – and letting the initial shape guide the shape of the final pot and it has been a blast watching wonderful organic shapes appear.

Cropped Cathy larkin pinch pots sm

If you look at the image of the long table – the pots on the left are created from a dark clay that I dig out of a lake in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania then blend with some local creek clay and commercial clay to help make it more workable. They are mostly fired in natural, organic glaze colors – from speckled tan to a burgundy brown with a golden yellow on the rim and variations in between. Several of these pieces are large serving platters or bowls. They are sculptural in nature, but are also functional and would look lovely gracing anyone’s table.

The pots on the right of the table (and a few in the middle) are made from Porcelain – a very refined white clay – most of those glazes are brighter blues and whites and purples. The large sculpture at the back, right is a very purple clay mushroom for your garden.

The tiny pieces to the very right are goblets of varying sizes that are called Wishcups – they come with a saying and a ritual (on card stock) and make great gifts for birthdays or holidays. They are wonderful for yourself or friends and family that may be going through a transition or difficult change in their lives. I created them as a thank you gift for friends who listened to me and helped me as I was going through a major life transition many years ago.

I will be getting higher-quality photos soon, so feel free to check back. All items are for sale – please contact me at 484-802-7576 or via my contact page if you are interested. I am based on the east coast in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs.

Salad bowl


small bowlIMAG5580IMAG4904

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