Why I Started this Site on Pinch Pots

Cathy LarkinHi, I’m Cathy Larkin the potter, photographer and blogger / founder of this site on Pinch Pots. I’ve decided to gather and link as much information as I can on the subject. I’m teaching a pinch pot class at the Community Arts Center in suburban Philadelphia, PA, and while researching ideas for my class, I realized that although there is lots of information about pinch pots on the net, it is scattered across the web like the broken shards of an Native American pinch pot. It will be an ongoing process to piece these fragments together to form a cohesive structure. (As soon as the semester begins I’ll get a shot of me with my hands in the clay). I’m a PR professional by day, and potter and photographer weekends, nights and in between.

I plan to feature pinch pot artists, inspiring imagery of different pinch pots, pinch pot ideas – what type of pots and sculptures you can make using the pinch method of working with clay, books on the subject, and inspiring images from nature to help us create amazing pots.

This will also serve as a store house of information for my students and a place for them to come for inspiration in between classes. I’ll also be including some information on coiling, as it is often a companion style of working with clay. Pinch and coil are…pun intended…intertwined.

I started out taking a clay class when I was 7 or 8 years old at the local arts center where I now teach. After college (as an English major). I found that I missed clay and reconnected with my former childhood pottery teacher Amy Hart and became her assistant and co-teacher for almost 24 years in an inter-generational class with children and adults. I’ve had an occasional foray into teaching on my own, and have taken many workshops in ceramics, and have recently begun to teach my own classes.

I hope you enjoy the information on Pinch Pots & ideas I’ll be gathering here, if so, bookmark the site and sign up for my newsletter. I promise no more than one a month (and probably less often). If you are not int he Philly area, do a search for arts centers in your area and take a class, or take a weekend workshop at one of the national arts education centers. You won’t be sorry.

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