Books on Pinch Pots and Clay

Here are some of my favorite books on pinch pots and clay.

I have met Paulus, he is friends with my pottery teacher and co- teacher for 24 years, Amy Hart. I have also taken a Pinch Pot workshop with him and another on journal writing. Anchored deep in creativity, and both grounded and ethereal, Paulus has a way of getting to the core of things – as he did in this book. Originally written in 1992, Finding One’s Way With Clay: Creating Pinched Pottery by Paulus Berensohn, elevated the pinch pot style of making pottery from a lowly first exercise to an elegant art form. I brought my copy of this books to the workshop I took and got it signed.

In the 1990s, I understand the book was going out of print when another pinch pot artist, Jimmy Clark, took on the task of seeing that it got reprinted and he wrote a great forward to the book. Jimmy has taken the idea of the pinch pot to even greater lengths – making huge graceful organic pinch pots, some out of 25 pounds of clay. I took a week-long pinch pot workshop with Jimmy many years ago at the Touchstone Center of the Arts in PA. He most often creates large pots burnished, painted with terra sigilatta and fired in sawdust. Very inspiring work.

Mary Rogers on Pottery, Porcelain and pinch pots

This is a great book, wonderful pictures and lots of information about working in porcelain, which I find to be addictive.

Maria Martinez is the best-known traditional Native American potter, using a mixture of pinch and coil and smoke-fired burnished black ware. Martinez has had several books written on her click here to see them. I have several of these books in my collection.

Any of these books is well worth adding to your pottery inspiration bookshelf.




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