Larkin pinch pots three sizesHi, I’m Cathy Larkin. I’m a potter and have been a ceramics assistant-teacher at the Community Arts Center in suburban Philadelphia. I’m gathering info & ideas from across the net on pinch pots. While planning to hopefullly teach a class on making fabulous pinch pots, I realized that there is a lot of information on the internet about pinch pots, but no real storehouse where that info is collected.

So this site will serve three functions:

1) To gather links, information, videos, images and more about the hand building technique of pinch pots. Over time, as the site grows I might also interview some of the well-known pinch potters out there to provide a first hand (pun intended) view of various methods, ideas and inspirations

2) To gather information and provide inspiration for students on pinching methods and ideas. In my classes and workshops, I strive to help individuals find, develop or refine their own style of work, not just expose them to my own style. This site will help expose the potters who take my class or workshops to even more ideas. Questions from others are welcome too. I hope to also include information on glazing (especially ideas for glazing large pots, and on sawdust firing), info on techniques (drying, preventing cracking, etc).

3) Images of other’s pinch pots, when possible, and images of my own work to showcase my own work and that of other interesting pinch-potters.

This site is still being developed, so please return soon to see more. In the meantime, to see what I’ve gathered on the topic of Pinch Pots on the site called Pinterest, please check out my page there. You don’t have to join to look at the images, just click on an image twice to bring up the page that the image links to.